Par 4 Whisky

Par 4 12 Shot Pack

Par 4 is a little something to slip into the golf bag for those cold days. It is made to be enjoyed immediately during a moment of celebration: on the golf course or off of it and makes a fun gift for golf competitions or corporate events.

So far over 10 million of these whisky filled golf balls have been sold from gift shops, hotels, country golf clubs and tourist destinations. Each contains 5cl of our highly rated Old St. Andrews Clubhouse Blended Scotch Whisky. Par 4 is in a coloured glass bottle intended for those whisky/golf enthusiasts who want a consumable product rather then a collectable item.

Par 4 looks similar to Par 3 but the cost is lower and it is intended for those whisky and golf enthusiasts who want a ‘consumable’ product rather than than something to collect. Par 4 is available in cases of 36 made up as three counter packs, each containing 12 units.

For a moment of fun and whimsy on the course or off of it.