Par 3 Whisky

Par 3 is a collectable item made up with a whisky filled glass bottle secured in a durable plastic ‘golf ball’ shell. This secured in a durable outer Champions Edition green box, each celebrating a particular Open Golf Champion. Our Par 3 golf balls are novel fun for everyone interested in golf and whisky. So far over 10 million of these whisky filled golf balls have been sold from gift shops, hotels, country golf clubs and tourist destinations.

Each contains 5cl of our highly rated Old St. Andrews Clubhouse Blended Scotch Whisky. The Par 3 is in a glass bottle in a ‘Golf Ball’ shell in our Champions Edition box, each celebrating a different Open Golf Champion. There are 24 in a set and many people like to collect them all.

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Par 3 Singlepack

Par 3 Triplepack

Par 3 is available in cases of 36 x single units and we make sure that every one of the 36 is different to keep the collectors interested.

(3 x 5cl) Ideal in tax free markets
- three gifts in one package