5cl Miniatures

clubhouse 5cl bottle par3_single

Clubhouse whisky

Clubhouse whisky in a 5cl dimpled bottle and also in a gift pack complete with an Old St. Andrews tasting glass

Par 3

Par 3 is a collectable item made up with a whisky filled glass bottle secured in a durable plastic ‘golf ball’ shell.

par4bottle  tumblepack5cl

Par 4

Par 4 looks similar to Par 3 with the packaging being the same size/shape & the glass bottle has been spray treated to look like a golf ball.

Clubhouse Tumblepak

The Tumblepak incorporates a 5cl miniature with an Old St. Andrews etched glass whisky tumbler to make a collectable gift set.

whisky tasting set


Whisky Barrel Tasting Set

A sample each of our Twilight, Fireside and Nightcap Blended Malt Scotch Whiskies in a triple barrel pack.

Whisky Barrel

The Old St. Andrews 50ml ‘Whisky Barrel’ contains a superb 10 year old vatted malt in which the predominant whisky is an excellent Speyside.