pink47_bottlenotagAbout Pink 47 Production

Pink 47 is distilled by the second largest distiller in the UK, which produces a staggering 6.5 million 9L cases of spirit each year. They can trace their roots back 250 years and today specialise in the distillation of traditional London Dry Gin. In 2007 they won no less than 18 awards for this product.

The production of traditional London Gin is one which has its roots firmly imbedded in history and therefore a craft handed down over generations. Whilst the process of distillation is a widely understood one, needless to say the distillation of Pink 47 follows its own production path.

Specifically it is the use of the 12 carefully selected botanicals used in our recipe such as Almonds, Cassia and Nutmeg help to give the gin such a distinct sensory profile.

Our distillers maintain their quality standards through a number of quality assurance based systems and subsequently have seen the organisation be granted with BRC Grade ‘A’ award, ISO 9001 and UKAS lab accreditation.

There is no compromise in the consistency and quality of each and every bottle of Pink 47.

Gin Awards

  • london40 gold award2011
    Winner of the 2013 Spirits Business Gold Award.

  • london40 gold award2011
    Winner of the 2011 Spirits Business Gold Award.

  • spirits_2011
    Platinum award winner of the 2011‘World Spirits Competition’

  • International
    Gold Winner of the 2008 International Spirit Competition.

  • Tesco 2008 Drinks Awards - Best Spirit
    Winner of the 2008 Tesco Drinks Awards for the Best UK spirit.

  • ISC 2008 Silver Award
    Silver award winner of the 2009 ‘Spirits International Challenge’

  • "Everything blends just perfectly with Pink 47"

    Marek Staack
    Connoisseur de cocktails from the Bar Hamburg at the Bar Zone, Berlin
    May 2009

  • London 40

    ***** Superb: A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED distilled spirit whose attributes, in the opinion of the author, are of exemplary quality and character within the established standards of its category. An outstanding product which is worthy of a search.

    MF. Paul Pacult's
    December 2012, Vol. 22, Issue 4 No. 96